Our Impact

We at The Dosa Deli are very concious about our environmental impact on the Earth. That's why we choose to buy only local and seasonal ingredients. We invest alot of time into growing our own vege garden and are able to harvest nice quantities of herbs and veges that we contribute into our Dosa Deli meals. We are lucky enough to even pick some of our own produce, literally, off the trees. We have found that this also keeps us creative when it comes to new fillings for our dosa because we don't always have pumpkins and beetroot available so we'll have to substitute for carots and kale.

We also make great use of seasonal produce by creating beautiful chutneys and pickles that last us well into the coming seasons which allows our Summer Tomato Chutney to accompany our Winter Vege Curry Dosa, and our Winter Lemon Pickle to accompany our Summer Spicy Aubergine Dosa.


The Dosa Deli only uses biodegradable sugarcane pulp plates and cutlery to serve our customers, aswell as sugarcane-bamboo napkins. Our garbage is only bagged in biodegradable corn starch bags.

We are huge on composting all our vege scraps (we also keep our chooks very happy with all The Dosa Deli vege scraps). and we reuse, recycle and relove wherever possible.