Our Menu

Our Menu

The Dosa Deli is passionate about sourcing fresh, seasonal and local ingredients to fill our crispy dosa. This means that we have an ever changing menu of tasty options. Some examples of our dosa fillings are a traditional potato masala mix, a Goan vege curry, a yummy free-range egg breakfast mix, a home-made paneer and avocado mix, a sweet potato & green lentil mix, a chickpea & coriander mix, and a feta, spinach & mint mix. We also make a very popular sweet dosa with banana, coconut and date syrup.


All our dosas are filled with raw seasonal salads too - so you'll find beetroot, root veges and greens in the Winter, and tomato, cuc's and capsicums in the Summer and ofcourse whatever other seasonal surprises we can find here, always including fresh coriander.

Then there is also our colourful array of accompaniments to choose from. We make all our own chutneys and pickles throughout the year to bring your tastebuds to life.


Our Handmade Samosa

The Dosa Deli makes beautiful handmade masala samosa that we serve with our delicious whole red lentil daal and tamarind yogurt. Through popular demand we also offer our customers a dish of rice and daal with salad and chutney - a simple healthy option that goes easy on the pocket.

Our Buddha Bowl

Our super healthy Buddha Bowl is very popular at festivals and is a great choice for those seeking to nourish the body. Our Buddha Bowl comes complete with chickpeas, sweet potato, quinoa, kale and other seasonal veges & seeds, topped off with a delicious turmeric & ginger tahini.

Our Delicious Soups

The Dosa Deli makes an array of delicious soups with our seasonal veges. Our Egyptian Molakhia Soup is super popular and absolutely packed with health benefits. Molokhia is an ancient herb, a culinary aphrodisiac and packed full of Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium aswell as vitamins C, E, and K. It also increases internal blood flow. Interestingly it was banned by the puritan Fatimids for sending women wild with desire.

Another nutrient packed soup we make is our lentil and quinoa soup. We love being able to serve our customers with food that is really beneficial to their health and also provides them with energy and 'home style' cooked food that they're quite often craving at week long festivals.


Our Lassi & Turmeric Chai

The Dosa Deli loves to be able to offer our cold, refreshing lassi to festival goers on hot days. We make our own lassi with yogurt, 100% pure mango and some special spices that go hand in hand with our food. We also make our own Turmeric Chai that is not only delicious but also super healthy.