Our Dosa

What is a Dosa?

A dosa is a thin, crispy crepe-like staple of southern India. It is made from fermenting rice and urad dal (lentils) together and then grinding them to make a batter. This fermentation process gives the dosa great health benefits making them rich in probiotics hence aiding digestion aswell as many other body processes. The dosa is a great source of protein and iron and is also a great food for vegans and people requiring a gluten free diet.


Our Dosa

The Dosa Deli makes this traditional batter for our dosas aswell as a 'green' dosa that we make from sprouted mung beans. We choose to sprout our mung beans because there is an amazing increase in nutrients in sprouted foods when compared to their dried embryo. In the process of sprouting, the vitamins, minerals and protein increase substantially with a corresponding decrease in calories and carbohydrate content.


Some examples of our dosa fillings are a traditional potato masala mix, a Goan vege curry, a yummy free-range egg breakfast mix, a home-made paneer and avocado mix, a sweet potato & green lentil mix, a chickpea & coriander mix, and a feta, spinach & mint mix. We also make a very popular sweet dosa with banana, coconut and date syrup.




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